Fund management

We offer investment management services for a variety of securities and assets to satisfy the investor’s specific investment objectives.

Fund management includes:

Individual pension funds entrust us with the management of their pension funds. Our pension fund management solution helps organizations to produce continuous long-term fund growth to increase member pension benefits.

We handle funds on a non-discretionary basis, in accordance with the pensions act, the client’s investment objectives, and in close collaboration with the trustees of the pension fund.

We assist clients to invest funds that they have been given for a designated purpose or as a donation.

Proceeds from the invested funds are used to support the long-term operations or financial position of the organization.

Examples of special purpose funds include:

  • Funds for endowment
  • Self-insurance funds
  • Schemes for Treasury Management Group Protection
  • Medical expenses
  • Trust money
  • Investing in mutual funds

We provide advisory services, financial planning, portfolio management, and other integrated financial services for individuals.

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