Fund management

At CAM we provide investment management services of various securities and assets in order to meet the investor’s specific investment goals. Investors may be institutions or private individuals.

Fund management includes:

CAM manages pension funds on behalf of clients among the other fund management and investment advisory that the company provides. The CAM pension fund management solution helps companies to generate stable long-term fund growth in order to achieve better pension payouts to members.  A segregated approach allows individual pension funds to operate as a standalone funds. All the assets and returns on the fund remain the property of the fund.

CAM manages funds on non-discretionary basis. This means that all the pension funds are managed or invested in line with client’s investment objectives. Trustees of pension funds are expected to be provided investment parameters within which CAM should manage the investments. Trustees are actively informed of their portfolio position by reporting to them on a regular basis.

CAM manages pension fund investment portfolios in the fund’s best interests at all times. CAM operates under clients’ mandate to deal with the pension fund’s investment in an appropriate manner in order to achieve the investment objectives and in line with the fund rules and pension act. Our duties include

  • Proposing investment mandates
  • Placing of funds in investment in line with investment mandate
  • Portfolio transaction and record management
  • Portfolio asset reconciliations
  • Compliance and trustee information services
  • Portfolio management
  • Registration of securities and investment
  • Portfolio performance reporting to the trustees
  • Portfolio valuations

Special purpose funds are funds that are put aside by clients for a specific use. For example, for cost savings in the long run, to sustain operations of institutions or implove financial positions of institutions. They include the following:

  • Endowment funds
  • Self insured funds
  • Treasury management
  • Group protection scheme
  • Medical funds
  • Trust funds
  • Mutual funds

The CAM Wealth management service provides individuals with portfolio based asset management, advisory services and distribution plans, with the aim of ensuring superior returns on client investments.

At CAM, we specialize in advising our clients on the best way to manage their investment portfolio in order for clients to take advantage of opportunities both in the capital market and money market as well as to achieve investment growth, security, liquidity value presentation, and optimal diversification. We regularly report on your investment performance, as well as advise you on any action that needs to be taken on your portfolio.

We leverage our excellent research capability to track movements in yields of treasury bills and notes, bonds and listed equities in order to assess future potential of each asset category and report to our clients.

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